Photo Studio.

"Dreamy, one of a kind interior design vibes".

A luxury for your senses, a sanctuary for aesthetic shoots. With high ceilings and earthy colours, our spaces are equipped with top quality authentic design furniture, special details and immersive sound system to allow creativity to bloom & incredible footage to arise.

Ready to capture one of a kind, greatest forever-moments at Kynd?

Personal & professional branding shots, lifestyle-, interior-, team- and product photography & videos.
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The Kynd Space

• Marrakesh styled lobby
• Bohemian modern sofa area
• 100m2 studio loft with natural green tones
• Interior like design poufs, lush plants, quality carpets, large mirrors
• Aesthetic beige changing area & 3 changing cabins
• Dreamy lights-illuminated spiral stone stairs
• Earthy counter area with half moon in-wall shelves
• Upon very special request & extra fees (lush garden, serene treatment room, beautiful living & kitchen area)
• 99% sustainable & ethically produced venue materials and products


• Private large entrance doors on the ground floor (to carry big interior pieces, if desired)
• Spaciousness & opportunity to move interior
• Immersive music system
• Kitchenette with dishwasher
• Host available upon request
• Changing area & 3 private cabins
• Wifi
• Props upon request (yoga mats, blocks, poufs, carpets)
• Privacy & tranquility
• Pleasant temperature. Equipped with aircons & heaters.

Our Oasis Can Become Yours.

• Per hour €100,-
• >3 hours €80,-

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Read our Space Rental Guide & Terms (Pricing, Times, Etc)
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"I desired to build a home where we can gather. Where we share memories, learnings and simply get to 'just be'. An inspiring yet warmly accessible
oasis for all."
Founder, Yvette Pelgrom
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