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The Kynd Classes.

What classes are offered? What levels? What language?

We offer daily classes (all taught in English) in exciting variations of YOGA, PILATES, BARRE, HIIT & FUSION WORKOUTSFOR ALL LEVELS.

Beginner to advanced. You do you. Our expert teachers are trained to offer modifications for all levels, so you’re encouraged and supported to find the right poses that works for you.

Your First Class?

All levels from newbies to advanced: warmly welcomed!

- Book your spot in advance
- Arrive 15 min before class starts
- Mats & props are available, but we recommend to bring your own mat for great grip & hygiene
- Wear comfortable sports/yoga clothing
- If you have not checked in 5 min before, your spot may be reassigned
- All classes barefoot or socks (such as for HIIT, the floor is designed for it)

Do I need to bring my mat/other?

Our mats & props await with love (for free). We do recommend bringing your own mat as extra, if you wish for great grip and hygiene.

PS. Bring your water bottle & towel!

Changing area? Showers?

Yes, we have 3 private changing cabins and a general changing area, but no showers.

What are the memberships & pricings?

Check here for info. And booking is easy & quick:

- Go here
- Click on the class you desire
- Fill in your payment details
- Let's FLOW!

We recommend downloading the app 'Bsport' to book/cancel your classes, when attending weekly.

Need to CANCEL a class? Or NO SHOW?

Life happens - we understand. You can cancel up to 6 hours before class start without charge. You can do so via the browser, or (we recommend you download the app) Bsport application.

How to cancel:

- Login to the booking system, by logging into your account.
- Click top right, and go into 'my profile'
- Click into a booked class > and click on 'cancel' to finalize (max 6h before class starts)

Too late or no-show:

- the class credit will deduct automatically from your account.
- as a perk to those with unlimited memberships: the 1st time of each, we see through the fingers. But the second time onwards within 30 days, a fee of €10,- will be charged to your account. Please note that because we already compassionately allowed it to slip the first time, with reminder included, waivering of more late/no show occasions after will not be considered.

Let’s grant love to someone who was in need of that class spot + out of respect for the teachers & this small business studio's existence.

I’ve signed up. When does it start?

Drop-in credit or Credits Packages is used for the class you booked in. Memberships start the day of your purchase. The Discovery Pass starts the moment of your first booked class.

I signed up on the waiting list, now what?

When a spot frees up and you are on the waitinglist, it is first come first serve. You'll receive an email notification that a spot is available, so you can try to secure your class spot and enjoy it dearly.

Late Comers / Closed Front Door

We honor the kindest & top quality classes for students on the mat, so we don’t allow late comers. That means, the front door shall be closed upon to start the classes punctually. Please be mindful to arrive 15 minutes beforehand. If you have not checked in 5 minutes before, your spot may be reassigned.

I can’t cancel on time due to a sudden injury. What to do?

Yieks! Hope you’re OK - sending lots of love! Please email your official medical certificate so we can resolve it in our system without late/no show fee.

Phones, our forever friends

Let's turn our phone friends on silent & cosy in our bags during class - we encourage slower living. But if you take pictures before/after class, just don’t forget to share the love by tagging @thekyndspace!

Where can I park nearby?

In Principe Real there is residential parking only. However, about 5 min walk way there is a great parking place here: Parque Largo do Rato telpark by Empark.

Other forms of transport are easy like metro station Rato, various bus spots or just come by taxi or walking (that's how 'Lisbums' are created).

Please count extra time in to park with ease and arrive timely, this is your responsibility for punctual attendance (see section on 'late comers').

Your Account.

How to manage my bookings? (Book / Cancel / Find)

We recommend you to download the app 'Bsport' and arrange bookings/cancellation from your account.

1. Login on the platform

- If you already have an account but forgot the password: Click on “Forgotten Password” > Enter your email address. You’ll receive a temporary password in your email.
- If you don’t have an account yet: Click on “Don’t have an account yet?” > Fill in the form > search for The Kynd Space in the search bar.

2. Once logged in, to manage your reservations: click on your profile (top right of screen) + click on “My profile”. This will redirect you to your own profile.

3. To book a class, click on the tab leading to the studio’s name. You’ll then see a calendar with all upcoming classes. Click on ‘book’ under your desired class.

4. Depending on whether you have credits / membership / need to buy credits or a membership, it shall direct you to the next step to finalise your reservation!

Steps also explained here.

What are the terms for credits?

All class offers, packs and memberships are valid to the conditions they are offered in. Memberships & class credit passes start per date of purchase. While the discovery pass starts the day as of your first class booked. All passes can be used by one person only and are non-transferable, cannot be suspended and nor extended. This is also outlined during the payment process, as well as read in the T&C here.

How to cancel my membership?

So sorry to hear our offer no longer hits your sweat/sweet spot! But dear you, only you know what’s best for you. Just don’t forget to keep on nourishing your body & mind!

1. You can cancel up to 7 days before your renewal is due. Please email to care@thekyndspace.com. Your membership will last until the day of expiry.
2. We also warmly invite you to share what made you stop. Feedback helps us curate the most magical experiences for all, we appreciate learning and growing.

For more info on conditions on cancellation policy (incl info on 1 month, 3 months, 6 months memberships procedures around automatic renewal), read here.

Why can’t I create an account/login to Bsport for The Kynd Space?

Here are 4 possible solutions:

- It may be that you already created an account with another studio that also uses Bsport as a software. Please try to login with your old account and it should work.
- Try to open from another browser (Google Chrome / Safari / etc).
- Reset your password and login again.
- Delete your cache first and try again.

How do I add or change my credit card details?

Make sure you are logged in into your account. Then click the menu icon in the top right corner, then click dashboard > billing > payment method > add your cad > save card.

How do I solve my debt or fee (late cancel/no show)?

1. Login on the platform.
2. Once into your account, go to ‘invoices’ in which you will see your ‘outstanding debts’.
3. Click on ‘Complete Payment’ (or ‘Regularize’) > Enter your credit card information and your postcode > Tick ‘Save this payment method’ (optional) > Click on ‘Confirm payment’.

All steps outlined here.

How to use a promotional code?

1. Login on the platform.
2. Click in the class calendar on the session you want to book.
3. Select the pass or subscription to be used or buy a new one available, which the list of options that shall be shown (Credits / Membership).
4. In the payment summary, you will find a section that shows ‘Promotional code’. Enter the code in this field and click on ‘Pay now’.

All steps outlined here.

Space Rental of The Kynd Space or The Wellnest

Eager to rent the Kynd Space?

Excited to hold a workshop, product launch, private event, birthday celebration, baby shower, mother blessing, business training, photoshoot or otherwise? So many opportunities!

Get your tailor-made quote/more info: email to hello@thekyndspace.com

Please incl a short summary (desired dates, length of hours, # participants, event pricing idea, concept etc). *Kynd offers venue space rental, not marketing services.

Read Space Rental Guide here and T&C

Eager to rent the treatment room, The Wellnest?

We're a home to a few selected holistic experts of highest quality. If you wish to join and rent the treatment room for your services, please email to hello@thekyndspace.com with a short summary and which days/weeks/times you wish to use. (Note: Jan '24 update, our team is full currently)

PS. We appreciate our Wellnest team because of its family feels and don't aim to be a mass production business. We're in it together to boost community wellbeing, from the heart.

Our Kynd Team.

Love to join the Kynd Family?

Currently our Kynd family is rocking it! All hands on deck. We’re a bunch of life driven, ripple-making, community-builders & shakers, and humble forever learners. 

Yet if you strongly believe you have an extra value to add or just in case: share a short intro + IG link to hello@thekyndspace.com. Note, we receive a beautiful tornado of messages and we read each of them but at times may need to be realistic about how many we can respond and how quick. Trust that if we see a current fit & its the right timing, we shall get back to you or else, keep it on our radar for when otherwise.

We welcome collabs & kind hearts!


Lost & Found?

Mi casa es tu casa, but minimalism is a thing! Clear space = clear mind. Please ask. Found items are kept for up to 2 weeks. After, it’s gifted to spread smiles by donation.

Terms & Conditions?

Please read here for info on liability, policy fun etc.

Other burning questions?

We'd love to help! Ask the teacher or host, and if unanswered please email to care@thekyndspace.com. (We will respond at soonest opportunity between Mon-Fri but also appreciate gentle living meanwhile)