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Our Kynd

It's a lifestyle.

A home we gather to move and be moved by community.

It started with a dream of a tranquil, aesthetic space for truth-seeking, slower living, sweats, meaningful connection and endless opportunities. A space where all ways to radiating wellbeing is welcomed, honoured and explored. Where each student can explore their own best way. Where one could both love the light, and fearlessly listen to the shadow. Where we can honour ancient wisdom while bowing to the ever-evolving present. Where we respect kindness to self, others and the wider society. And so, The Kynd Space was born.

Who we are.

A sanctuary with daily luxury for all your senses.
We're a realistic-optimistic team of change makers who love creating for the greater good. #KyndCommunity

Our philosophy: there is no 1 perfect workout, that's why we have 5+. Motion is everyone's life lotion.
Our religion
: aesthetics & heart-led
Our wisdom keepers: international top quality team handpicked amongst 120+ teachers
Our focus: body-mind (re)connection & transformations
Our amigos: bad jokes & humble ego's
Our leadership: The Kynd Method, with care for Self & Togetherness

We're devoted to
DO & FEEL good.

The Kynd Space is a proactive change maker in the wellbeing industry where kindness is our guide.
1. Positively contributing to the life quality of the international makers of our interior pieces. Read more here.

2. Mindfully choosing sustainable materials like minerals paint & clays.

3. Selling mostly locally & ethically produced organic goods by solo artisans to empower.

4. We dare our community to foster self care, to fall in love with movement as medicine, and to live a slower life shared with pure people.

5. Reminding ourselves all goes how it flows: flaws are human, we can't do it all, and slowing down sometimes means speeding up.

6. Collaborating with hand-picked partners leading from the heart.

The Founder

Yve(tte) Pelgrom
With a global upbringing including many years of incredible corporate learnings at tech giants, I meanwhile immersed myself in neuroscience, wellbeing & movements.

Moving led me from my-always-on office head (back) into my body & heart. The yogamat and sports became my sanctuary: offering release, connection and boundless inspiration.

My dream? To offer home to all, where this positive impact can touch lives within and beyond walls. On & off the mat. Thus, The Kynd Space was born. My heart's project marrying my corporate & holistic worlds.

I wished to build a sanctuary that fuses the joy of moving with our innate need for community. Here is where we gather, flow, move, laugh and fill & feel our hearts.

My life's essence? A gentle existence, shared with those who lead with their hearts. I'm a passionate go-getter and a nurturing caretaker, forever a student of life, cherishing its smallest, most meaningful fragments. PS. My heart melts for 100% chocolate and meaningful conversations!


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